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Children are greeted with a wide array of learning discovery centers in our indoor classroom. Our flowing water table is out every day with a wide variety of changing materials. In addition children can choose to work with blocks, clay or play dough, art, and sand. In addition to the traditional materials you might expect in a classroom, we also have natural materials, such as tiles, wood, rocks and stones for the children to explore with. (8:45 - 10:00 AM) 


Snack is served in our classrooms and children eat together at tables with the teachers. Snack time is a time for conversation where children learn to share what’s on their mind, and in turn listen to their friends. (10:15 AM)

Morning Meeting

Children join a circle time for song and movement. (10:30 AM) 
Once a week, we also have an "Art Share'' during our morning meeting, where children choose one of their art pieces to show and share with the rest of the class.

Outdoor Exploration

Weather permitting (as long as it’s not outright raining!), Children will go to Grattan Playground (directly across the street), where they will participate in a large range of activities to promote the development of their gross motor skills. (10:45 AM)


Lunch Time

Each teacher sits at a lunch table in the classroom with a small group of six or seven children. Homemade healthy and kosher lunches are served. Children take increasing responsibility for helping to set the tables and serve themselves food. (12:10 PM)


Transition into Afternoon Program

While each child has a turn to use the toilet and wash hands, the others gather with a teacher for story time and gentle stretching (12:45—1:15 PM)

Morning program children get picked up during this time.

Quiet Time

Children take a nap while soft music is played and children lay quietly on their mats, typically with a special soft toy and / or blanket from home. Teachers circulate to pat backs and help children to relax. (1:15—2:15 PM)
Children who are finished napping early, can choose to read books, or play with quiet toys such as puzzles and our small manipulatives trays.

Afternoon Program

Children engage in the learning discovery centers in our indoor classroom. (2:15-3:45 PM)
Snack is served at 2:45 PM


Children enrolled in the afternoon program are picked up at 3:45 PM. 
The center closes promptly at 3:50 PM.