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The Cole Valley Gan is a play-based warm and nurturing preschool that concentrates on the process through which children learn. Discovery-based play expands children's imagination, develops their curiosity, and provides a diverse & comprehensive foundation for cognitive, social, emotional & creative growth that will shape children through their adolescence school years and into adulthood.


  • We build interpersonal skills by encouraging cooperative play and teaching problem solving techniques to deal with peer conflicts.

  • We encourage emotional growth through self awareness, self expression, as well as giving the children the space to explore their own feelings.

  • We build self confidence by encouraging your child to make choices, with respect towards him/herself and his/her surroundings.

  • We deepen critical thinking skills through having a wide variety of materials for children to interact with and asking pointed thoughtful questions as your child explores different mediums.

  • We foster a love and pride for our Jewish heritage by including Jewish themes, holidays and the Hebrew alphabet into our curriculum.

  • We uncover an inherent love for learning by harnessing each child’s natural creativity and curiosity. We encourage questions, experiments and put a strong emphasis on story books.

  • We teach initiative and independence by encouraging children to choose their own activities and taking responsibility to clean up after themselves.