Cole Valley Jewish Art Calendar 2023-2024


Dear Friend,

We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing the eleventh annual Cole Valley Jewish Art Calendar. The beautiful calendar for (Jewish/Lunar) Year 5784, corresponding to September 2023 – September 2024, will be distributed to all Jewish households and to many friends of the Jewish community in Cole Valley and beyond. 

With many thanks to our generous advertisers and sponsors, last year's calendar was a major success, and now hangs proudly in so many homes and offices in Cole Valley and surrounding areas.

Whether it’s scheduling business meetings, planning the week’s errands or checking Jewish holiday dates, the Jewish Art Calendar will be a staple hanging proudly in many homes throughout the area.

As this is part of our fundraising projects, your New Year greeting or advertisement is crucial to our growth and continued ability to serve the community.

Partner with us to transform each day of the upcoming year into a special community occasion.
There are three ways that you can participate:

  • An opportunity to advertise your business while supporting your local community.
     Click here to place your ad.

  • Not looking to advertise? Choose a special day(s) in the calendar—your birthday, a Yahrzeit or milestone—and dedicate that day.
    Click here for the form.

  • Alternatively, send a New Year's message to the entire community!
    click here to place Shana Tovah Greeting. 

    Closing date to secure advertisement/dedication: Friday, August 25, 2023. This will enable us to mail it in time for the High Holidays.

    Please reach out with any questions or for assistance.
    Call Rabbi Nosson 415-786-5642 | Email Rabbi Nosson [email protected]