• 2nd Saturday Services and Kiddush LunchWelcome the weekend with open arms! Join us for a delightful 2nd Saturday filled with community, laughter, and good vibes. Let's make it a day to remember! Read More
  • 4th Friday Services and Buffet Shabbat DinnerEmbrace the spirit of community and connection on this 4th Friday! Join us as we come together for moments of joy, laughter, and shared experiences. Read More
  • Cole Valley GanYour child's first experience can set the tone for life. Explore what our preschool can offer your family. Read More
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  • 12 Facts You Should Know About Rabbeinu Gershom Me’or HagolahKnown as the "Light of the Diaspora,” he was the first major leader of Ashkenazi Jewry. Read More
  • The Summer of the KishkaHere was genuine culture, a living tradition, a way of preparing for Tisha B’Av
    that I had never ex...
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