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 Rabbi Nosson Potash

Rabbi Nosson grew up in London, UK as one of eight siblings. He studied in rabbinical schools in London, Israel and New York. Traveling to and working at different Chabad centers throughout the world fueled his passion to one day open up a new Chabad center. Rabbi Nosson has led holiday programming, adult education classes, Shabbat services at senior homes, and summer camps for youth at Chabad centers in the US, the UK, Sweden, Panama and Azerbaijan.  Rabbi Nosson figured early on how to combine his enthusiasm for hiking and love for Torah. As a teenager, he would walk seven miles each way on Shabbes to lead services  in the West end of London. In New York, he kept it up and walked six miles each way every Shabbes to a smaller community to lead services. 

As the co-director of Chabad of Cole Valley, Rabbi Nosson is bringing his passion, curiosity and welcoming attitude to strengthen the Jewish community in Cole Valley, Inner Sunset, Twin Peaks and beyond.  Rabbi Nosson is passionate about Jewish mysticism and debating Jewish theology and thoughts. But if you want to challenge Rabbi Potash, ask him to juggle (and not just the many tasks he always has going on, but actual balls), or have him join you for a game of soccer or a hike.   

Rabbi Nosson serves as Chabad's spritual leader and Executive Director.  

Contact info:
(415) 598-8718 


chaya.jpg Rebetzin Chaya Potash

Chaya grew up in San Francisco as one of twelve siblings. Following her formal years of schooling (in Toronto and Israel), Chaya moved back to San Francisco to work as the program director at the Richmond Torah Center. Before she co-founded Chabad of Cole valley, Chaya created and directed programming for children and adults of all ages: she taught and directed a pre-school, worked at summer and winter camps, lead innovating children’s programming including a very popular traveling puppet show. She has brought Jewish pride and camaraderie to pre-teen girls through her work with a bat mitzvah club for girls.  She has worked with college students through the intensive Ivy League Summer Torah study program. Chaya moved to New York City to create networking events for young Jewish professionals.  She has also brought her creativity to Jewish seniors living at senior homes.  These and many more experiences served her well to become the co-director of Chabad of Cole Valley.  Chaya is a masterful chef and adds a modern twist to classical dishes (think mango chutney on the pouched salmon), she is passionate about early childhood education, and is an accomplished graphic designer.Chaya serves as the program director, head chef, graphic designer and the director of Shabbat club afterschool program.

 Contact info: 
 (646) 323-9209  


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