On learning with the Rabbi

Nearly two years have passed since I first met Rabbi Nosson Potash and began attending events at Chabad of Cole Valley. At first I was very sceptical, and expected little from an encounter with Chabad. However upon meeting Rabbi Nosson, I immediately felt like I had met a very special friend. There is something very inspiring about him. He possesses a sense of deep confidence that is so rare in this world. So many people loudly proclaim religious beliefs and doctrines to others even though they themselves have only a superficial understanding and a fragile, insecure belief in what they are saying. Rabbi Nosson is just the opposite of that. He has extensive knowledge and a profound understanding of Torah and Chassidic tradition that gives him confidence to take on any intellectual challenge, any questions, any critique, and answer with clarity, empathy, and gentleness. Rabbi Nosson conveys a powerful sense of joy and happiness in his teaching and his prayers. His joyful and confident approach, his kindness and generosity, his sharp intellect and clear explanations generate in me a strong desire to study Torah and learn more of the teachings and practices of Chabad. 

Over the last two years, studying with Rabbi Nosson and attending Chabad has had a transformative effect on me, greatly enriching my life and expanding my horizons. He has truly opened up a new, marvelous world for me. I look forward to our weekly study sessions where we study and discuss sections of the Tanya. Rabbi Nosson answers my questions with full, detailed answers that always and inspire me to study more, and to strive to adhere more closely to the Chassidic practices. I leave each of our sessions feeling as if I have been given a rare treasure that will benefit me greatly both in this life and in the future. I am grateful to Chabad for this most unique and valuable opportunity.

Robert W Clark, Ph.D.
Lecturer on Tibetan Literature, Culture, and Language
Stanford University


CJS-Work with Seniors
Hello Rabbi Potash,

My mom (Ruth) and I want to thank you and your wife for the lovely Shabbat dinner yesterday. It was really very special for my mom to get out of the assisted living facility and celebrate Shabbat with you both. She is feeling more and more isolated since her friends have died or moved away. The community you are building for Jewish seniors is very important.

The dinner was delicious and thank you so much for including vegetarian options.Please share this email with your wife. I do not have her email.

Many thanks!!

Philip and Ruth


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