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 Dear Friends,

We give thanks and gratitude to Hashem, and to all those who have made the first phase of Chabad of Cole Valley's Capital campaign possible. 

Over 300 people joined together to raise more than $425,000 to enable the purchase of Chabad of Cole Valley's new building. 

Phase one: COMPLETE
Purchase building and move Chabad's activities to new space

Now it's time to continue the momentum and get to work on completing Phase 2 of the new community space. 

Phase two: IN PROGRESS 

 preschool icon.jpg sukkah.jpg   community icon.jpg  office space icon.jpg
  Open Preschool  Sukkah Deck   Seating for 65 guests for community events The Lounge
- Cole Valley Shul
- Office Space  - Classroom


 There a number of dedication and sponsorship opportunities: 
Please reach out to Rabbi Nosson Potash 
by calling 415.786.5642 or emailing


 Building Dedication  $650,000
 Preschool Dedication  $250,000
The Lounge Dedication  $180,000
Giving Kitchen Dedication  $100,000
Cole Valley Shul Dedication  $75,000
 Preschool Room Dedication  $36,000
 Bathroom Dedication  $30,000
 Preschool Furnishings  $25,000
 Library Dedication  $36,000
 Library Furnishings  $10,000
 Sukkah Deck  $18,000
 Front Mezuzah  $5,000
 Aron Hakodesh  $5,000
 Torah Reading Table  $3,600
Yahrtzeit Memorial Board   $9,000

 Prayer Book Cabinet         

 Tzedakah Box  $1,800
 Mezuzos (20)  $200 Each
 Sidurim - Prayer Books (30)  $30.00 Each (10 Reserved)
 Chumashim - Kehot edition (30)  $60.00  Each
 Chairs (65)   $30.00 Each



 Founder  $250,000
 Keter  $100,000
 Pillars  $75,000
 Benefactor  $36,000
 Builder  $25,000
 Chai Supporter  $18,000
 Chaver  $10,000
 Partner  $5,400
 Friend  $3,600
Advocate $1,800



All dedications will be honored on a distinctive
Tribute Wall in the community center.

All major pledges can be paid over 3 years.  A longer period could be arranged for larger gifts.  Contributions are tax deductible. It is important that Building Fund contributions be above and beyond your much needed annual contribution toward Chabad of Cole Valley’s operating budget.


Please respond generously when contacted or call us at (415) 786-5642 to let us know of your willingness to share in our building campaign. We are happy to provide you with more information about our Center and its progress.




  Phase three:  Stay tuned....